Configuring crossover - HOW?? 😅

Sophia Rodriguez

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Jul 9, 2022
San Jose, CA
Hi everyone,

I'm using 3x EV TL606DW speakers (right, left, center) and 3x EV DH1A (right, left, center).

I'm also using the Dbx PA2 as a crossover (PFA screenshot).

I'm trying to understand the process of how to configure the crossover 😬

The idea of a crossover is to send the speaker ONLY the frequencies the speaker supports, correct?

My question:
How can I convert the very non-English words (in the speaker's specs) into the crossover? 😅

PFA manuals of the speakers:
EV horns
EV woofers

Thank you SO MUCH!!! 😍


The quick settings would be something like........
Highs output for the DH1a's - high pass of 1100hz 24db LW cut off slope
(when used as a theater system the crossover high pass was 500hz)

Lows output for double 15 boxes - high pass of 40hz 24db BW - low pass 1000hz to 1100hz 24db LW.

If you plan to drive the system hard you may want to raise the high pass a little on the DH1a's.
The TL606 is a decent double 15 but you can not expect it to do what a modern day true double 15 or double 18 subwoofer can do. If the TL606 boxes are still loaded with the EV DL15 speakers and you try to drive them to modern subwoofer levels
the DL15's will destroy themselves.
With some reverse engineering you could get a little performance using newer 15 inch speakers.

Riley Casey

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WDC in the USA
This screen shot shows the recommended DSP settings from EV for the Deltmax 1152, a single 15" woofer and a DH1 driver on a 60 x 40 horn. You can start with these settings and then use a measurement app like Smaart ( or OSM for a free option ) to adjust the settings to achieve a better match for the dual 15s and what ever horn you're actually using.


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Antti Laine

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Sep 1, 2019
It may be beneficial to EQ 1500 to 3000Hz down something like -3 to -6dB and use +6 to +10dB high shelf from 3000-4000Hz upwards for the DH1A, depending what horn is used.

DL15X has 3rd harmonic distortion peak around 600Hz, eq it down some -3 to -6dB depending taste. This should help to achieve more civilized sound at higher levels. Please consider using subwoofers in the system.

I have been listening a similar combination constructed in one trapezoidal enclosure (2x DL15X + DH1A/HP940) + MTL2 subwoofers for some 20 yrs ago. Analogue EV XEQ-3 was used with 80 and 800Hz/24LR Crossovers. The 800Hz 24dB LR highpass module contains aforementioned high shelf filter to bring out the sizzle, but I cannot recall if the 2,3kHz notch filter was included, at least our master eq contained that to remove the dreaded "horn quack". DH1A's were paired with HP940 horns. In above example of deltamax the horn is smaller than in my example hence the difference in filters.

Measure Your system at first, then add notches to eq out any nastyness. Delay the woofers until phases combine. Hire some experinced guy for a day to help out the tuning. While im quite capable of tuning systems from scratch, I still sometimes hire another set of ears (and measurement set) , bit like doctors' second opinion ;)

Cheers, Andy