Cost-efficient 65" TV case for light traveling?

I am looking for a durable yet cheaper flat-screen TV case, preferably something with casters. Currently only finding road cases for $600+ for 65" monitors. Would prefer not to shell out that much but I recognize they're very fragile and need adequate protection.

Any suggestions? Always open to DIY recommendations!

Ben Lawrence

Mar 2, 2011
I would be interested in this as well. Been moving stuff around in the factory boxes. Not really a big deal for most of my gigs but looks a little rookie.
Whats crazy is I just did a gig where I needed a couple extra 65s. Picked up a couple generic 4ks for around 430$ each. At that cost its hard to justify a 600+$ case.
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Max Warasila

Feb 20, 2013
Richmond, VA
Just grab some ply and make yourself one. If you feel fancy, grab a hopper gun and some Duratex. I'd say this could be a fairly cheap process, maybe 250 dollars for the case, give or take what you want.
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