Crown Xti2000 firmware

Aug 9, 2018
Hi all,

I have a Crown Xti2000 which powers up, starts the fans display "boot-10"on the LCD and then powers up. When looking into the service manual, which has a nice flow chart it seems it stops around the moment when it is loading the DSP firmware.

The first thing which comes into my mind is ( also related to the "boot"message ) the flags is correupt. So I want to reload new firmware, whihc is niocely explained in the service manual and on several websites. However Crown removed the link from their side and I am unable to find the firmware for the Xti and the
upload tool "CLoader Utility"

It seems the USB is also nor working (heartbeat LED on the mainboard stays on instead of blinking at 1Hz as well)

So It might be I have to update via RS232 ( still wonder how the DSP program gets into the flash, I assume this is not in the LPC hex file )

Any help, suggestions and expecially firmware/Cloader would be appreciated.