Danley SH50 experience

Michael John

Jun 25, 2011
Sydney, Australia
BTW, I'm fine if this is moved into the Product Review area.

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to mix on SH50's in a fairly reverberant ~30m x ~20m gym with brick walls on all sides. Steve Anderson (Danley Australia) supplied two pairs and with the stage in the middle of one of the long walls, we put each pair (giving 100deg width) about 1/4 in from the side walls and with their centres about 2.4m off the ground on scaffold. Mix position was about 3m off the back wall and roughly in line with the left pair.

Honestly it's the clearest and most consistent * PA I've ever mixed on, and many folks commented positively. A few friends with PA experience expressed (good) surprise at what they heard at the back of the room. EQ was mostly a low shelf to counter the LR rise from doubling up the cabinets. The event was a special one-off church service to about 1000 people; half dialog and half a small band (inc. drums and bass guitar) that measured 80 to 85 dBC slow at mix position. (Low enough we didn't bother setting limiters in the PLM's.)

* Both the response within the coverage angle and front to back.

As a side note, this was the 2nd time I used a Mackie DL32R as the stage mix and as a Dante stage box for the Yamaha mixers at FOH. The iPad/iPhone control was extremely frustrating - Apple's fault. All the IP addresses were zero-conf self assigned and the iOS (10) devices kept complaining of "No internet connection" and dropping off, trying to find a "better" network with access to the internet. (The Win7 tablet PC running Lake control was always stable.) The WAP was an Airport Express and we tried DHCP, without any improvement. Only after the event did we find out that the iOS devices become happy and stable after all the warning messages, in the Airport Express, are cleared! Aaaargh. Clearly some "special" Apple communication happening.