Jeff Babcock

Jan 11, 2011
Ontario, Canada
The DIY Audio sub-forum is meant to be a friendly place where users can collaborate on designs or chat about issues surrounding DIY projects. All pro audio related DIY topics are welcome, though projects such as speaker design and construction will probably be more prevalent than electronics projects based on the user demographic likely to frequent this site.

The whole point of this DIY Audio forum is collaboration! You are free to use posted designs, or to contribute your own, but when doing so, understand that you are expected to collaborate by sharing your experience with the design and/or suggestions for improvement.

If at all possible, backing up discussion with data such as measurements will be invaluable and is highly encouraged.

Detailed discussion of commercial manufacturer's products and designs is acceptable, however posting things such as copyrighted plans (ie clones of a manufacturer's products) or things which would infringe on company patents is NOT permitted. Users should notify moderators immediately if any copyrighted or inappropriate content has been posted so that it can be removed.

Finally, please note that discussion and designs should be oriented towards professional applications (AKA Varsity or Jr Varsity) live sound reinforcement. There are lots of other places to go if you want to DIY something for your living room.

Have FUN!
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