Elongated rubber feet

Hey all, I am working on a new build of a small front fill box and I am looking for some elongated rubber feel like QSC uses on the K series and HPR series powered boxes on the side. I can use round feet like the ones I normally get from Penn elcom, but I think that the elongated rubber feet look a lot nicer, and I am going to make this box multi purpose for pole mounting and front fill duties.

looking for something roughly 1/2 to 1 inch wide and 3-6 inches long perhaps even longer would also work. would like them to attach with a fastener not just adhesive.

https://www.mcmaster.com/bumper-cushions/nonslip-unthreaded-bumpers/ ?
There's a pretty good chance that QSC had something custom made for their application, as they sell quite a few of those boxes. Custom rubber parts aren't silly expensive if you want to go down that road, but still probably don't make sense if you're only looking for a handful of parts.
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If you're also looking for the hard stipple coating, this stuff is great, it is pretty durable and designed just for this, and it's water cleanup, unlike the other stuff that once you mix it it has to be used right away.
Yes, I have used Duratex on a few projects, it works well, not quite as tough as the 2 part mix stuff, but certainly way easier to apply. I will likely be using it for this project as well.