Margaret Sekelsky

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Oct 1, 2018
Marina del Rey, CA
Huntington Beach, California (January 17, 2023) Location: The Dyatlov Pass in the Ural Mountains of Western Siberia. Elevation, 750+ meters above sea level. Temperature, minus 40 — Celsius or Fahrenheit; take your pick. Welcome to just another far-afield investigation for Expedition Unknown, the hit TV series on discovery+ featuring host Josh Gates and cinematographer Evan B. Stone. “I’m a DP who really cares about audio,” Stone says. “My life is a series of sound bites and each one needs to have quality sound. I ‘listen’ to a story as I shoot. It is possibly the most important element for telling stories.” To that end, Stone and his sound mixer Mike Curtis rely on Lectrosonics gear for capturing production audio. Their kit includes the WM watertight digital hybrid transmitters for the talent, four MTCR recorders...

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