David Karol

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Jan 10, 2011
San Francisco, CA
As live sound audio engineers, we are often required to deploy multiple channels of wireless audio equipment to satisfy the ever-growing trend of eliminating visible cables from performance areas. The job falls into our laps simply because it’s audio gear, and operating it perfectly “should” be within the parameters of our professional expertise. It seems that few people in positions to make demands for a cable-free stage fully realize how rapidly the complexity of the task increases as more wireless channels are added, how specialized a skill set the job requires, and that the time required to execute the process is dependent on the number of wireless channels required and how congested the RF environment is at the performance location, which varies wildly from location to location.
Professional audio engineers have many tools available to aid in operating their wireless equipment, including hardware and software packages. Some are very expensive; some are free of charge; some are...

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