Zoe Deighton Smythe

New member
Oct 4, 2021
Tunbridge Wells
Based in Des Moines, Iowa, Conference Technologies Inc (CTI) recently completed a sound system integration at the nearby Grace Church—replacing the former PA, which had serviced their requirements for two decades, with the constant curvature technology of Martin Audio’s TORUS array.
This is the latest of a progressive series of AVL upgrades at the church undertaken by CTI over the past 10 years, and meets the high demands of a Southern Baptist church, whose lively worship ministry is based around bands, choirs and orchestras.
Led and overseen by worship pastor, Michael Hoskinson, the old PA, which had been in situ since the church opened, was providing inconsistent coverage across the 1200-seat fan-shaped auditorium and was clearly ready to be retired. “What we were looking for instead was a line array that would provide even coverage everywhere,” said the pastor. The previous system’s subs were also set upfront on the ground, and had been visually obtrusive. “And so we were...

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