David Karol

Staff member
Jan 10, 2011
San Francisco, CA
(Fairview Heights IL) In early March the Coronavirus upended the touring and live show industry, just as it upended everything else. Now into summer and prime touring season, the intricate multimillion-dollar machinery that encompasses national as well as regional productions has ground to a groaning halt.
Microphone manufacturer Heil Sound, whose PR Series microphones have been a staple of live sound, saw its customers shelter in place with mics stored in warehouses and storage lockers along with loudspeakers, mixers and the like.  And while the company and the industry as a whole look for signs of reopening and begin assimilating possible new skill sets for a new day, Heil Sound, whose products are also used in studio, broadcast and podcast markets, has seen a dramatic – and somewhat surprising – upswing in sales from its amateur radio division.
The amateur radio market – better known as “ham radio” – has been a side of the Heil Sound business that most pro audio people don’t...

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