issue with unknown technical audio feedback on my renders/recordingss

Daniel Rentz

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Jun 12, 2022
United States
hi, so not sure if this would be the right group to post this question please redirect me if not. Anyway so ive been recording alot of vocals here recently. Below im going to attach my latest recording in my home studio. Im well aware there are plenty of vocal issues that im actively working on but, what i want to ask here is each time i listen back i hear some type of odd technical audio feedback. im not sure what this is about due to my limited knowledge of my daw & home recording in general. Would anybody here know what maybe the culprit of all these strange audio technical sounds im hearing? also know my audio gear/home studio setup isnt too invested at the moment meaning i really dont have top quality stuff so not sure if that would have anything to do with it either. so id appreciate your feedback.
daw; reaper
os; windows 10 64bit


Art Welter

Jan 11, 2011
Hi Daniel,

The basement here or a recording forum would be a more appropriate place to post your question.
Although the vocal (with plenty of issues..) was recorded, I heard no "feedback" on the file you linked.

If you hear feedback on your playback system, could be the mic is still live through your monitors, or the audio out is being sent back to inputs.
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Brian English

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Jul 30, 2021
Vancouver Canada
The only thing I hear Daniel , is a small bit of a crackle when you start to sing a line . I would suspect possibly the mic preamp , if it's not of a certain level of quality , but it would help a bit to know what interface you use to connect your mic to your DAW . Also 4 min of sound bite is way more than required to present your problem, I suggest maybe 20 seconds is enough . . Maybe list the equipment you are actually using such as Mic , cable , interface , etc . I have Reaper too and find it to be an awesome DAW but I mostly use Protools for any recording simply because I'm more comfortable with the process and lingo ( huge learning curve ) .

Paul Johnson

Oct 27, 2012
Like the others Daniel, I cannot hear anything that remotely sounds like feedback.

Far more important I think is that you need to get some local help, before your voice falls into the 'habit' status. If you are doing lots of recordings, some of your bad habits, I suspect are already difficult to change. I obviously have no idea what the music is you are singing to, but that clip contains numerous repeats of one or two low notes that I suspect may be your lower limit and you maybe did not mean to actually sing those notes - it's so rare for a song to repeat the same note over and over again. The other thing you have got into the habit of turning one syllable words like 'go' into g-oh-oh-oh, and other words you have made up. They don't make any sense. Very often these are where the lyrics need a certain rhythm and you run out of time, so half pronounce a word then suddenly sing a new one.

When you sing the first bit - the range between the low note and the highest is around a 6th - C to A, E to a B - that kind of maximum range. Is the melody really very restricted like this. When you moved to the high register, the same basic tune was all over the place.

The question is are you aware of these things? My suggestion would be to get yourself a first lesson with a proper local vocal coach and let them do an assessment. They will be able to coax you out of bad habits, check your real range and work on your tuning with you. I can't emphasise how vital this is, because you need to get the bad habits ironed out. We can't hear the feedback you mention, yet you can? So what are you hearing we can't? You then also need to think about material that will let your voice sing out - songs where it's style and tone really fit.