Issues with Shure PSM1000 IEM and Shure PA821A combiner

Austin Dudley

New member
Sep 23, 2018
Simply put I have a large system setup and the issue that I’m having is:

On a clean frequency, and simple connection into the combiner and out to an antenna

As I walk the pack, (no audio) I am getting a very loud noise floor, (hisses, pops, intermodal sounds in some spots, etc)

Things I have tried, swapping out all cables, switching between Omni, helical, and log periodic antennas, all have the same issues with no audio passing, however, when passing audio, even at a low level, most, if not all of the artifacts goes away. I am also able to walk about 300+ feet away from the antenna and still receive a strong signal.

I’ve never had this problem from either the PSM1000 or the shure combiner before. Has anyone else encountered this problem or have a solution? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

(PS. I am troubleshooting with 1 frequency as to eliminate any internal intermod...

Tim McCulloch

Graduate Student
Jan 11, 2011
Wichita KS USA
In your trouble shooting have you replaced (or swapped out) the RF cable between the combiner output and the antenna? How about between the transmitter under test and the combiner? Disconnected the other transmitters as well as turn them off?

It is not unheard of for combiners to go bad. A phone call or email to Shure's application engineering support group will get you some precise trouble shooting steps.