JBL VRX 932LA Constant Curvature Arrays - love or hate them, but here's mine going in .....

Paul Johnson

Oct 27, 2012
Loads of people really don't like these systems, and I've got very used to this over the years but I like them - so here's a little video that chat's through them and then shows them going into a venue that has a particular problem - 1400 seats, one level and very limited height - and the VRX system really works. Hating them is fine - but for me, they do the trick and I can live with people being snippy and disparaging - a bit like Marmite - you love it, or hate it!

Tim McCulloch

Graduate Student
Jan 11, 2011
Wichita KS USA
Hi Paul-

There's a place in hell for every sin, and the VRX will be in several... ;)

That said, there is a place for fixed angle vertical arrays or the VRX would be the only one out there. My personal objection to such arrays has to do with pattern & coverage in the *acoustic crossover region* of roughly 1.5 octaves. There's a 'stripe of oddness' that runs from front to back of the house that for some reason just messes with my head, especially if I'm in it and trying to mix. Put me in the back, center and I can mix, oblivious to what 20% of the audience is hearing.

But such arrays are what they are, and for a number of uses they tick all the needed physical criteria.

Frank Olesen

New member
Feb 12, 2019
Well... Sign me up on the Lovers side..
But i prefer Amate Audio Excellence over JBL VRX