Large lot of PA gear

Mar 19, 2017
I am posting a large lot of PA gear retired from a rental company on Ebay one piece at a time. If anyone is looking to package, large lots or buy individually please let me know. I don't have a full list built but there are a large number of EAW KF 300's 650's, SB 250's, SB 330's a few monitors and JF 80's. Quantities of DBX drive racks, Crown Macro tech 1200, 2400, 3600 and 5000's. Full backplaned amp racks or individual. Rack space, drawers, panels etc. NL4 cable, NL8 Cable, barrels, rigging clips, bars, ultimate support stands, and spacers. Just a ton of gear. If you have a need please send me a message. [email protected]