LD Maui 11 vs. Yamaha Stagepas 1k

Saso Fekonja

New member
Jul 15, 2019
Maribor, Slovenia
Hi guys, i would appreciate some help&advice from you!

So, I’m a musician, saxophe player. I do some small gigs on weddings, receptions, background in bars, dinners etc. I am ussually accompanied by keyboards or backing tracks, sometimes some house music to improvise over.

I’m planing to buy a column system and was almost decided to buy LD systems Maui 11 , but i just saw the Yamaha Stagepas 1k thats coming out. What do you guys think, is it worth adding some to the budget and buy Yamaha? Yamaha includes a mixer with phantom and FX and bags, both I would have to buy extra with Maui. From what i have heard, Yamaha is also very trusted and reliable brand when it comes to PA.

I don't konw much about PA...so, some questions
What does 119db(Yamaha) vs 124db(LD) mean. I know it's about how loud it is but does that matter for my needs?

Size of woofer-12'(yamaha) vs 3*6,5'(LD): Whats the difference?
Same goes for tweeters: 10*1,5'(Yamaha) vs 6*3'(Yamaha)

power: LD is 500W RMS/ 1000W peak, Yamaha only states 1000W - does that usually mean RMS or peak? if its RMS, why is LD than stated louder(124db) than Yamaha(119db)

Should I maybe consider Maui 28, priced around the same as Yamaha, but has more power, therefore is also heavier/less portable?
Thank you in advance for the answers and opinions!