Live streaming w/ bass guitar.

Robert Warmbier

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Sep 25, 2019
Harlingen, Texas
With the of use apps like Switcher Studio and vMix, and plugging any bass guitar thru an amp (i.e. Ampeq BA115), I having a hard time hearing the bass guitar thru live streaming. On the house - it's OK. I'm using a Behringer X32 - w/ a S32 connected to the bass amp. I've played around w/ dynamics, eqs, gating, and I have adjusted gain as well. And still I can hardly hear any presence w/ bass guitar online. I'm ok w/ electric and acoustic guitars.
But when I use DB - direct box only, not an amp, I can hear the bass guitar thru live streaming w/ no issues. Why the difference?
Reply back when you get a chance. Thanks
Bob Warmbier
My guess is that the live stream feed is just the same mix that is sent to the PA system. When you use a bass amp on stage
the volume of the amp is loud enough maybe too loud in the room so the person mixing is not putting much if any bass into
the main mix.

When you go direct to the system without using an amp then they bring up the bass in the mix.

They could create a separate mix just for live stream where louder inputs that are not in the main mix could be brought up in
the mix for the live stream, there are a few ways to create a second mix in an X32 or just about any other mixer for that matter. That would kind of depend on the sound team and how deep they get into the set up of the X32.

Or you could just use the DI and go direct.