M-Audio ProjectMix with Logic Pro 8

Eirik Lie

New member
Jan 21, 2022
Oslo, Norway
Anyone having experience with the control surface M-Audio ProjectMix I/O? I just bought it second-hand and want to use it with Logic Pro ver 8 on an old MacBook Pro.

The main functions: faders, knobs, mixer section buttons and transport works as expected, However, the AUXs and the other Encoder Operations buttons are not always working as described in the manual. The two-digit display is sometimes showing wrong info, and the LCD display is cluttered and not showing proper info until the knobs are turned. Some buttons do other things than described in the manual.

The Control Panel seems to be working as intended, though.

I know the ProjectMix is out of production and out of regular updating and support, but are there any drivers, firmware, and/or manuals that are more up-to-date than the ones I already have, or do I have to live with the shortcomings as described?

Technical details:

ProjectMix I/O

SN: 3807077021313

PN: AU02-077A9

Firmware 10.19.05.A

I intend to use it with Logic Pro 8.0.2 and Ableton Live Suite 9.1.10 running on:

MacBook Pro (2011)

2.66 GHz Intel Core i7

OS X 10.6.8

The previous owner did not have the original CD-ROM, but from M-Audio.com I have managed to download the disk image

FireWire_OSX_1_10_3.dmg (dated Feb 12, 2014)

containing the package

M-Audio FireWire.mpkg (dated July 28, 2011), expanding to the application ProjectMix I/O Audio Interface:

M-Audio FireWire Control Panel

Version 1.4.3

Driver version 1.10.2

Build Number 01.10.003

© 2004-2006

Also, from www.manualslib.com I have downloaded the manuals

projectmix_io_user_guide.pdf (051130_ProjMix_UG_EN01) © 2005

projectmix_io.pdf (051210_ProjMix_QSG_EN01)

Also, it would be nice to have the application ProjectMix Control for editing the ProjectMix' MIDI configurations.