Mic output from TRRS connector of gaming headset

Paul Alexander

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Jan 16, 2023
I would like to split the TRRS connector of a gaming headset and send the mic signal to a wireless transmitter (#2 in the image). This has not worked with an Insignia ns-pah5205 headset, but I think the issue might be the sensitivity and/or impedance. I can connect a simple condenser mic to the transmitter and it works fine. Does anyone know what the issue is?



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In my quick research that transmitter input is just a tip sleeve jack, going by the picture of the mic that plugs into it,
You'll need to take the TRRS split and on the transmitter side get or make an adapter that the ring closest to the body
of the TRRS plug and connect that to the tip and the next band on the TRRS plug and connect that to the sleeve.
The ring closest to the body of the TRRS is the mic + and the next ring in the common ground for the mic and the headphones.

I just a search and did not at least quickly find an off the shelf break out cable / adapter that would do what you need with without first doing some mods to it by changing connectors.