Mic/Recorder incompatibility?

Danny Tucker

New member
Apr 29, 2021
Hello helpful people. Audio newbie here. I’m looking to video/audio record an interview and purchased the following devices:

AKG C417L Professional Lavalier condenser Mic x2 + adapter for mini XLR to XLR (more info & manual)
Zoom P4 recorder w/ XLR inputs and phantom power (more info)

I had this crazy idea that the two would just work together, but I get no sound via the recorder (using headphone monitor - it plays the built-in sounds fine).

Anyone have ideas why it doesn’t work. And what my best bet is now? Buy an AKG phantom? Get a different mic?

Thank you for your tolerance and assistance!


David Morison

Aug 21, 2012
Aberdeen, Scotland
You didn't say which model of adapter you have to connect the MiniXLR to the XLR:
AKG's own product for this is more than just a wiring adaptor - it also reduces the voltage of the phantom power as the -L version of the mic only wants to see between 2 and 12V, not the normal 48-52V of phantom power supplied by regular mixers or indeed your Zoom P4: Link
If your adapter does not have this voltage reducing function built in, that would explain the mics not working. You may have also damaged the mics unfortunately. You probably won't be able to tell if the mics are damaged until you get them on the correct phantom power voltage though.