[FS] Midas F32, Roland, Klark Teknik package

Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
Alright I know that everyone is going digital. But I have an awesome analog console for sell. This Midas F32 has 24 Mono channels, 4 stereo channels, 4 busses and 6 auxes. Each mono channel has a very nice semi Paramteric EQ. Phantom power is selectable on each channel, High pass on each channel, polarity on each channel and also a 20db pad on each channel. Firewire port on the back, that instantly makes this console a 32 input multi tracking interface. You can play all these channels back through the board to the individual faders as well. It works with nearly ANY multitrack software. Now the coolest thing about the firewire is that you can also use it as your insert point on the console, which means you can run effects, dynamics and more from your DAW, meaning you essentially have a hybrid console and can use any plugin your recording software has live.

This mixer comes with an old blue rack (12 spaces I believe) that has a Roland SRQ-2031 digital dual 31 band graphic EQ. The SRQ2031 also has built in delay and you can save your tunings for each room. The effects units are Roland SDE-330 dimensional space delay and Roland SDE-330 dimensional space reverb, these are fantastic effects units. Look these up!!! They where in studios all over the world. Also included is a Klark Teknik Square One 8 channel compressor/gate, 8 quality compressors in one rack unit, way way better than the personus ACP88.

So this packages has:
1 Midas F32 mixer
1 Firewire cable
1 Hafer 12U rack (needs wheels but they do still roll)
1 Juice Goose power conditioner
1 Roland SRQ-2031
1 Roland SDE-330 Demensional Space Delay
1 Roland SDE-330 Demenstional Space Reverb
1 Klark Teknik SQ1 Dynamics 8 channel comp/gate

$2,000.00 OBO local pick up preferred