Midas Pro 1

Randy Gartner

Jan 12, 2011
My Pro 1 started acting up about a year ago. I had one channel that was showing strong signal ( clipping ), even though nothing was plugged into it. No biggie because it was a channel I didn't use. Then about a month ago, I had another channel that did the same thing though the signal wasn't as strong. Last week, I had trouble getting the outboard effect through the board.After repatching it,I got it working. Then last night it really got weird. Mic plugged into channel 2,was coming through channel 7. Many other channels weren't working. I had to use my back up. Anyone else with similar problems? I've had the console several years. Could reinstalling the software correct it?

Stuart Miller

Aug 17, 2013
Hello Randy,

I have a Pro 1 which, when it works, works very well. However, I have, and continue to have, several issues with the console, one being a similar problem to yours; not exactly the same problem, but similar.

And just yesterday I was experiencing patching issues with a KT DN9630, that are not consistent so are very difficult to troubleshoot. I continue to encounter various issues, much of which doesn't appear to be due to my lack of familiarity with the console.

It's always a coin toss as to how well it's going to perform. Which is sad for a console that cost what it did (plus the tour case...plus the stage box, etc).

I hope you get yours sorted out in short order. I've given up with the Music Group, but I hope you are more successful. The Pro 1 is a very good-sounding console...and I enjoy using it and working on it...when it's working well (though I believe I might just have to bite the bullet and consider purchasing something else that is more reliable).

Good luck,