My Sennheiser ew100 intermittently cuts out on me while performing

Julienne Jacobs

New member
Nov 5, 2019
St. Louis
I am a true novice, so I'll try to be as detailed as possible when explaining my issue.

I've found recently when performing and using my cordless mic, it cuts out for anywhere from 15-30 seconds at a time intermittently. I have yet to find a rhyme or reason for it. Most of the places I'm performing are small venues and I'm using either one or two 12in powered speakers and no mixing board. I've attached a picture of the place I perform the most and you can see how it's placed. However, placement doesn't seem to matter as I have had the speakers mounted and placed the receiver on top and I've performed in a Hotel Ballroom where the speaker was on the floor and still cut out.

I've gotten to the point that I perform with my corded mic because I don't want to be in the middle of a song and it continue to go out. Is it time for me to replace my mic or is there something I'm doing wrong? I purchased the mic used about nine years ago. I don't mind buying a new cordless if I need to, but if this one is fine and I don't HAVE to buy another, I want to avoid that expense.

Any ideas???
What frequency range is your wireless microphone in (it should be printed on the back of the receiver, or on the product label inside the battery compartment of the microphone)? The legal frequencies for wireless microphones have changed dramatically in the past 9 years, and there's a good chance your set is in a frequency band that's been assigned to other uses and is now receiving interference, causing the issues you're seeing.

Rob Bernstein

Oct 23, 2013
Framingham, MA
Hi Julienne, some obvious but important questions:
  1. You are using fresh batteries?
  2. Do you scan the receiver when you get to a gig? I find most folks who have their own wireless just leave it on one frequency. Not a good practice.
  3. Line-of-sight is important between the transmitter and receiver, but that looks fine from your picture.
  4. Best practices for UHF antennas like yours is to put them into a "V" shape for best reception.
  5. Is anyone else using a wireless mic or in-ear monitor system?