NEW B&C coaxial MF/HF

Carl Klinkenborg

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Oct 25, 2018
Bideford, Devon. UK
From B&C:

"Continuing the family started by our DCX464 coaxial compression driver, the DCX354 features a similar design with smaller dimensions. 76mm (3”) MF coil and 51mm (2”) HF coil ring radiator diaphragms allow the DCX354 to provide very high sound pressure levels above 500Hz, with even lower distortion than its big brother. We will also show a new range of line array sources, taking full advantage the new ME148 line array waveguide which has been optimized for our wide bandwidth coaxial drivers. "

No more data that I could find.

Bennett Prescott

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Jan 10, 2011
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Any more info on the ME148 waveguide.?
Thats really the missing link with coaxials. To load down low enough there are compromises in size.
It’s optimized for better (more efficient) wave shaping all the way down to 500Hz, so it’s a little bigger but not much. You’ll need to include your own expansion in front of it to define the horizontal pattern and control the HF down that low, we’re developing some suggestions but probably won’t offer something off the shelf.