new wireless mics

Mike Shultis

New member
Oct 28, 2022
Hi there,
We have 2 - UHF Syntheized Diversity Receivers ATW-R2100, 655-680 MHz, 12v-18v 500 mA and also 2 - Mics ATW-T220
The mics are breaking down all too often...And are showing their age.
I was wondering if we could get new mics that are similar, same or different makers, that would work with our receivers?

David Morison

Aug 21, 2012
Aberdeen, Scotland
It would be very unlikely for any mic from another maker (or even from a different series) to be compatible with your receivers, so staying with the AT would be the only way to avoid replacing those.

However, you should check if there have been any changes to the legally permitted frequencies you can use; many countries have changed what is left available for users like us as telecoms and digital TV have demanded more & more of the spectrum.
Yep, don't know why I didn't think of looking at your profile!!!

From a quick check it looks like you are still OK to use 600mhz bandwidth wireless mics, double check though locally!

That being the case with a little Ebay ect. shopping you should be able to find people selling off their old AT 2000 wireless
from areas that no longer can use them.