[FS] Oberheim Xpander XP-1

kevin adkins

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Sep 26, 2020
United states
For sale is a Oberheim Xpander XP-1 6 voice desktop version of the Matrix 12 US version in excellent working condition.
Each voice has five LFOs, each with about five different wave shapes, plus the ability to sample most other modulators; five envelopes that can repeat themselves, sync to an LFO, and so on; a lag processor (like portamento, but more general); three tracking generators (that apply a series of linear functions to a value over its range); some ramp generators (the attack portion of an envelope); a 15-mode filter and a user interface to make all of this accessible.
when I plug it in, it turns on the unit is fully functional with no issues at all with this unit.
There are six CV and Gate inputs which use standard 1V/8va CV and positive gating. So you can connect up to 6 external sources delivering CV/Gate and convert that into MIDI. Ample output options offer stereo and mono outputs as well as six additional individual audio outputs (1 for each voice) allowing you to use the Xpander as a stereo polyphonic 6-voice synth, as six individual monosynths or any combination in between. There's even a 3rd party Mod (Oddernmart mod) that allows for an external audio input that can be routed through the filter. And like The Matrix synths, the Xpander sounds wonderful, capable of thick analog basses, pads and textures.

Asking Price: USD$4500 fully shipped and insured

If you are interested kindly contact me via mail
equipments at protonmail dot com

Thank you for looking.


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