Passive Wedges - what good ones are out there?

I've been out of the market for a bunch of years and back then the SRX712m was the go to wedge for the "B-Level" acts. When I jumped back in, I picked up some powered wedges... While do I like powered wedges, I hate running twice the cables and trying to figure out power drops & extension cords and it then take twice as long to set-up/tear-down.

Before we get into the what is/isn't "rider friendly" debate; the riders I need to fill will state "we need ## monitor mixes with ## wedges". We're talking the SL100 B-Stage, when the main stage has the SL260/SL320.

So, is there anything out there equivalent to the SRX712M on the market?
Have you looked at streamlining your stage setup for powered wedges? I've worked small stages with both types, and I haven't found passive wedges to be any quicker than powered wedges, especially once patching amp racks and running stage power are taken into account.

FWIW, my preferred setup for stage power with powered wedges is a stringer across the front of the stage, with a short quad dropped at each wedge location (typically, 3 downstage). Upstage gets quads flanking the drum kit, with the drum wedge plugged into one of them, possibly via a short extension (if I've got a digital stagebox, that'll often go next to the drum kit on an additional upstage quadbox. If that's present, that's usually where the drum wedge gets power from). This is all based on the theory that everywhere I need a wedge, I also need power (pedalboards, keyboards, etc.)
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"So, is there anything out there equivalent to the SRX712M on the market?"
Small. Powerful. Lightweight. Mirror imagable. Bi-amp or passive. 3" HF. Pole mountable. "B" level rider friendly, affordable,. The 712 cornered the market in its day, and has not been supplanted. There is a reason you cannot find them used, even though there are sure to be thousands upon thousands of them in the wild. Solotech had some used ones available recently...

Paul Johnson

Oct 27, 2012
In the UK we see quite a lot of Thomann's own brand, and I always kept a 15" powered one on the van just in case, even though we were on IEMs - damn good. T-Box is the brand. How much do you want to spend?