Plate amps ?

Riley Casey

Jan 12, 2011
WDC in the USA
I'm looking at upping the home stereo game now that I seem to have more time on my hands. I've become a big fan of amps with built in DSP but don't really have room for a couple of 19" rack mount sized amps for a small living room. Has anyone had experience with plate amps as sold by MiniDSP or Dayton ( seems to be a house brand for Parts Express )? Don't need a lot of power so I'm looking at units like this The Parts Express units look a bit more PA box oriented but I'm interested in any other vendors or experience that would indicate changing my plans.


Mark Wilkinson

Feb 24, 2015
I've used the minDSP pwr-ice250 on a couple of different DIYs.
One is currently mounted in the back of a box with a B&C 15cxn88 coax in it.
I've also used them to drive PM60's indoors, when I didn't want any amp fan noise. (Had to make a funky rack mount panel for that.)
On the PM90, i also used the bms passive xover, so that the 2 channel pwr-ice could drive the mids and coax CD.

It's a nice product imo. I especially like the plug-in that allows ethernet control, both IIR and FIR, and it's price point.
Very flexible, clean little plate amp...
The only drawback has been the unit is not airtight, when that is needed.
I didn't get the metal box that can be purchased with it because i fabricated one out of wood...but must say it was a bit of a pain keeping it sealed.