[TECH] Possible Fraudster alert? - Brand new member - messaging to buy -

Steve Hurt

Jan 31, 2011
Possible fraudster alert

I have a "Want to Buy" add up for a BMS 1494.

I was contacted by a new SFN member (no posts, just joined) by the name of Alexander James.
His message read: "Contact James He has one for sale. Here's his email [email protected]"

I e-mailed James (he says his name is James Lambeth) and asked if his 4594 was the HE or the regular model and he said it was the HE model. I said darn, I needed a regular, and he said oh I have one of those too, (which I thought odd). He quoted me a price and I agreed to it. Told him I'd buy, w/PayPal and that I was happy to pay the PayPal fee. He said "Pay Pal is fine , but use friends and family because I'll get the money quicker" (So he will take paypal, but he doesn't want to use regular even when it didn't cost him)

I said: "no, I'll use regular Pay Pal (with protection) or I won't buy", and repeated that I would pay the fee.

And he ghosted me. No response at all.

Seems like a scammer to me. Might not be, but if you're sitting on a specialized driver, would waiting a week to get paid, make you pass up a sale?

Be careful when sending your money and make sure you have recourse when you buy on line!!
I got a similar message Alexander... I emailed James and asked what he was selling...

James' response was: "Kindly be more specific about the gear you looking for so i can be sure we are talking about same thing..

I said I'm looking for speakers, mics, stands, cabling. I want to see what you have available. Let see what comes back.