Power supply for Soundcraft Ghost?!?!

Jan 21, 2018
My first post, hope this is the right place..

I have a problem choosing power supply for a Soundcraft Ghost desk i have.
When i got the desk it came with two different power supplies. PSM 300 which i understand is the supply that came with the desk originally. And a CPS 450.
I've read in countless forums that the original PS (PSM 290 or PSM 300) is "junk" and upgrading to a CPS-275 is the way to go.

So, what I'm thinking is I will ditch the PSM 300, and use the CPS 450. The difference SHOULD just be the wattage between the CPS 275 and CPS 450, right?
If PSM 300 and CPS 275 is interchangeable, wouldn't that go for the CPS 450 also?

I'm using the PSM 300 until i know switching PS won't hurt the desk.

I've tried to search for info on this but no luck...
Anybody here that knows?

Thanks in advance!
the cps 275 is designed for 5.25amps on the 17volt rails.  the cps 450 is only good to 3.2 amps on the 17 volt rails.  itll work until it blows up.  Ive used several different psus for the ghost and it did indeed make a big difference.  My favorite was a psu pulled from an otari concept elite mixing board.  any power supply with +-17v rails, and a 48 volt rail will work, if it has more than 5.25 amps available.   you would also need a 5v rail if you were going to use ghost computer control section