Problema con WI FI en TouchMix8

I have problems with the WI FI of my TouchMix 8, since it emits in 2.4Gh. And I also carry the wireless DMX lights through a transmitter that are also connected to the same frequency.
So they interfere with each other and I can't use my tablet and sometimes the lights go crazy.
Does anyone know how I can solve this?
Maybe with an external 5G router?

Tengo problemas con el WI FI de mi TouchMix 8, ya que emite en 2.4Gh.y tambien llevo las luces DMX inhalambricas por medio de un transmisor tambien que se conectan a la misma frecuencia.
Por lo que me dan interferencias mutuamente y no puedo usar mi tablet y aveces las luces se me vuelven locas.
Alguien sabe como puedo solucionar esto ?.
Q uizás con un router externo 5G ?

Brian English

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Jul 30, 2021
Vancouver Canada
I have a QSC Touchmix 16 , which essentially is the same unit as the 8 . Unlike the QSC TM 30 these require an external router but mine is not 5G and it works fine with my iPad 2 and the QSC remote software , no issues . I might suggest purchasing an iPad 2 , which are dirt cheap but run the needed QSC app without issues . You only need a 8 or 16gig model and dedicate it for Touchmix only . You would still have your tablet to run your DMX app. This should fix any x-over signal problems .

Paul Lewendon

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Oct 8, 2019
British Columbia Canada
Brian English

I am working with an Ipad Pro 10.5 and it is going very well, only when I turn on the DMX wireless transmitter that also works in 2.4 Gh, that is when the problem with the lights begins, NOT WITH THE TM8

Brian English
Estoy trabajando con un Ipad Pro 10.5 y me vá muy bien,solo que cuando enciendo el emisor inhalambrico de DMX que tambien trabaja en 2.4 Gh,es cuando comienza el problema con las luces,NO CON LA TM8.
Recently one of our Touchmix machines had the wifi dongle go missing, I tried a different brand I had lying around and it worked, so it's not proprietary. Have you tried a different dongle that's maybe a different frequency ?
The one I used was 2.4G as well, but I assume other frequencies will work.
For reference, this is the one I used:
Muchas gracias,
Lo voy a probar el TL-WN725N
Thank You