Purchasing 18 and 21-inch B&C drivers in Australia

Hugh Mannhardt

New member
Aug 8, 2019
Hi Guys

Speakerplans regular but first time posting here, been having a look around this forum and there is some cool stuff that doesn't exist on speakerplans, I noticed there are a number of Australians who have their hands on larger B&C drivers like the 21sw152 and 18sw115. Just wondering whats the best way to go about purchasing them.
For 15 inch and lower, I just buy stuff from thomann.de, shipping is not too bad and their prices are pretty good but they don't ship 18 and 21-inch drivers to Aus. I have previously got quotes for B&C drivers in Australia but the prices are way too high, like double what I can get them for from Thomann.

Is there some store I'm missing? B&C doesn't list an Australian distributor on their website.