Recommend me a midrange driver

I'm looking for a good midrange driver to use between 200-1000hz in a 3-way box.

Would love to use something like a Seas W15CY001 but I don't think it can handle enough SPL to keep up with the horn/LF driver.

Any suggestions?

Edit: looking for a 5".
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That is an unusual bandwidth is it not? Is it for PA purpose? Can you elaborate on the other channels? B&C closed back midranges is about as good as it gets I suspect. Their 5NSM38 is 300-3500hz, so you are paying for a lot of carefully engineered bandwidth above 1000hz. you will get a lot more efficiency and power handling using their 8NSM64 Of course there is all the usual suspects in the woofer range which will do this bandwidth too, but with them you will often pay for efficiency below 200Hz.
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Uff!.. Peter, your speakers are really the coolest. I would love to have access to those kinds of waveguide molding facilities. Did you achieve good integration with that Hf horn? And can one gather from the file name, there is some 15" mid bass action going on behind that HF-horn?Anyway, good job Peter.
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May 8, 2011
... a bit different to a 650 ... 2 x 15" drivers on a 600 mm long ported horn plus the B&C mid and a BMS 4594HE HF driver - 4 way plus subs.

@ Frederick ... yes all the horns integrate perfectly, the pattern control and phase response are stunning ... but I have not done a show with this box yet.

...back to the mid driver question ... the new NSM series from B&C are excellent.
Helge, perhaps a bit more info about the speaker and application you have in mind, will allow a more accurate answer. As it is a closed back system, there is only really the front radiation to deal with. Horn or no horn? Knowing Peter's sense for good power balancing, I think his example answers your concern: If a single hornloaded 8" can keep up with two hybrid-hornloaded pro 15" drivers there is enough power not to ever worry for medium/large-scale applications.
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