SAE University Thesis - A.I in Music Production

Asen Nedyalkov

New member
Jul 24, 2019
Hello everybody!

My name is Asen Nedyalkov and I am just about to finish my 2 years audio production coarse at SAE, Amsterdam. I am writing a thesis for my diploma on A.I in music production. I would like to see how exactly are those new technologies changing the way that we are composing, mixing and mastering music. I am sure that all of you are aware of the recent boom of ML / AI automated audio processing and music composing tools that have conquered the international industry market /Izotope mixing/mastering assistance, smartEQ, Captain Chords, AIVA composer, LANDR and many others/.

It is essential to me to find out what is your opinion about them, how are other professionals and experts from the industry looking on that subject, so I prepared a small survey of 9 questions, that I would like you to answer! I must say that its entirely anonymous and your answers are not going to be used outside of the limits of this thesis project.

I would be more than happy if you would like to share some thoughts on this, here on the forum. Let me know what you think!