Seeking Authorized Shure repairs provider in UK

Jan 14, 2011
San Francisco, CA
Hi there,

I'm interested in forming a partnership with a UK-based Shure-authorized repair center that is not an actual Shure facility. The reason being is I need a bit more flexibility than Shure is willing to offer in streamlining what may become a relatively high volume of repairs. The items to be repaired will be primarily the Shure QLXD1.

Requirements are a relatively fast turnaround time, good customer service, the ability to send a monthly bill showing repair costs for each location of the business that sent equipment in. We have an arrangement with a provider in the US that handles basic repairs (changing the 4-pin connector or repairing battery doors) and assists us with sending units in to shure for more intensive out of warranty repairs as needed.

I didn't post this in marketplace because I'm more looking for recommendations but I can move it if that's deemed necessary.