Seeking recommendations for 15" Active PA speakers

Hey guys!

I'm in the market for a new pair of high-quality active loudspeakers (12"-15") that can handle some abuse for AV hire use.

Typically my rentals are for smaller events up to 250 people. Budget isn't an issue, and I'm willing to spend more for the extra quality and durability.

I'm considering the QSC KW152's, does anyone have any experience with these?

Open to all recommendations!

Tim McCulloch

Graduate Student
Jan 11, 2011
Wichita KS USA
What coverage pattern, and why 15"? More importantly, what's your budget? The RCF TT-25a II sound very good but may be too big/heavy/expensive for your needs.
Look at the RCF ART series, they all sound good the models with the large format compression drivers really sound good.
I have a pair of the ART 310's and the ART 732's.

What I also consider a plus with the ART's is that they do not have a lot of knobs, switches and menu selections for people to mess with. All they have is a mic / line switch and a level control.