David Karol

Staff member
Jan 10, 2011
San Francisco, CA
Tokyo, Japan – May, 2020. Offering stunning views over Tokyo, CÉ LA VI is a new luxury dining, bar and club lounge complex spread across the 17th and 18th rooftop floors of the revamped Tokyu Plaza Shibuya Fukuras shopping mall.
The CÉ LA VI marque is already well known as the top floor bar of Singapore’s five-star hotel, Marina Bay Sands, and CÉ LA VI Tokyo has now opened as the first concept-imported restaurant in Japan for such a global brand.
Patrons can take advantage of a café bar, high standard dining, drinking and DJ performances in a luxurious space, or they simply come for the spectacular night view in the heart of Tokyo culture.
A number of Martin Audio’s specialist ranges were specified by Mr. Shintaro Dobashi, director of the company Enter Sandman, who was in charge of the audio design. He explained, “The customer’s request was to connect all three sections of the venue; to create a restaurant that could be used commercially or privately—to make it ideal for a...
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