[FS] Shure PSM1000 In-Ear Monitor System

Desmond Muncy

New member
Dec 23, 2022
I am getting off few of my items and one of it is my share psm1000, I have only used a couple times, works perfectly and sounds impeccable.
Very easy to use and setup, zero frequency/sound interference.

This unit will read a room/venue and set you up on the best frequency without having to get a degree in wireless algebra. I used it on a big tour in 2k person venues with no problems

It's includes : 1 P10T Dual Wireless Transmitter , 2 Shure UA700 Antenna for Bodypack Transmitter. 2 P10R Wireless Bodypack Receivers (G10), 2 SB900A Rechargeable Batterys, 1 SBC800 Recharging Station (chargers both batteries) & 1 Manual

Also Comes in original box.