Si Compact 16 memory loss/failure

frederik Loris

Feb 3, 2017

I have a question concerning my Si Compact Soundcraft 16 Channel table.
Last weekend the internal SD card lost all my stored settings.

I tried to reload the settings but on the right corner of the screen a "yellow triangular "!" " appears, meaning the file is not good.

I resetted the table, resetted the SD card but the problem remains. Table is updated to the latest firmware

Setting up a new show (not from USB or internal SD card) workes fine, but when I power off the table, the settings are lost.

I heard that the internal SD card might be broken or damaged, ...

Can you help me out finding a solution to fix my table agian.

Kind regards


Tim McCulloch

Graduate Student
Jan 11, 2011
Wichita KS USA
Did you find a solution to the memory issue. Our Compaact 16 board also will not retain setting when turned off.
Did you contact Soundcraft? What did they say?

My guess is the little battery on the main board isn't holding charge. Does the mixer show the correct date/time on power up or does it need re-setting every time?