Si Performer in 2021 for fly gigs

Andy Pearce

New member
Jan 6, 2022

First post here so hello and thanks to the owners.

I am looking at a Si Performer 2 for fly gigs. I can get this desk in a Peli style case at under 32Kg so it will go in excess baggage no problem. I know everyone is using the AH CTi1500 for this function, but I can't afford that right now and it doesn't have 24 faders!

The reason I'm choosing the Soundcraft, as opposed to the obvious other choice the SQ6 (24 faders and custom layers) is I am a bit of a fan of Soundcraft's sound. I have used pretty much every desk there is (Profile, SL6, Rivages, PM's, Digicos, Vi3000 etc) and I am strangely drawn to that Soundcraft sound and the Performer, whilst being a hundred years old in digital terms, is actually still really well spec'd.
My question is this: can I insert the internal FX on subgroups. I typically route my BV's to a stereo group and compress them and insert a reverb and use the dry/wet control. Is there a way to do this on the Performer? Or is there a better way? Will I come up against the old conundrum of routing mixes to mixes?
Also- I read some bad stuff about the Stagebox 32 Mini, but it was one reviewer who was making a flawed assessment.. I think. Are the pre-amps on the 32 Mini good old 'Soundcraft sounding' or should I get a different stage box.

No, I don't believe there's anyway for you to insert any of the internal effects. The inputs are permanently routed from the FX sends, the outputs can be routed to any input I think, but are usually routed to the last four stereo inputs. You can download the offline editor to experiment and confirm this.
The SI Performer, Expression, Impact, Mini Stagebox 32R/16R (NOT 32i/16i), Compact stagebox, and possibly some of the VI surfaces, all use the same input card/preamp. How that sound compares to a real classic '80s or '90s analog Soundcraft is hard to say. But, they sound nice and more traditionally British to me than other modern consoles.
The SI line is long in the tooth, and is not the most refined design. But they sound pretty good and can be cost effective in the right situation.
The SI Impact may be a better choice in cost vs performance than a Performer at this point. The build quality may not be quite as good but the software and audio components are basically the same.

Jordan Wolf

Feb 2, 2011
Collingswood, NJ
The SQ series is so much more capable than the Soundcraft Si Expression/Performer/Impact units.

I work with Expressions almost every day (I'm using one now) and the limitations can be very frustrating.

I wish the A&H SQ series had more mix channels, but all the other features make up for it, especially in that form factor. A more full-sized console form factor like the Avantis or dLive definitely warrants more mix channels/buses.