Lisa Young

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Mar 1, 2018
Ventnor, NJ
ASHEVILLE, NC (1.28.2021)—The Cultural Arts Center (CAC) in Lancaster South Carolina was constructed by the First Presbyterian Church congregation in 1862 as the first brick church building in the town. The building’s architecture is in the early French Gothic Revival style.
The major historic event to occur in the old Presbyterian Church was its occupation by Union troops in the spring of 1865. Cavalrymen led by General Judson Kilpatrick stabled their horses in the sanctuary, using the pews as feeding troughs.​​​​​

With the departure of the First Presbyterian congregation in 1926, during the following 30 years, the building was used intermittently for a variety of historical and cultural purposes, but, despite efforts to restore and maintain the building, it gradually fell into decay.  In 2008, with the assistance of the City of Lancaster and private donations, the Lancaster...

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