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Apr 6, 2018
Guildford, UK – April 2019… In pursuit of original and exciting material, sound designer and field recordist Mattia Cellotto is producing a library of sounds containing frequencies typically undetectable by the human ear. This includes capturing the squeaks, chirps and hoots of bats, birds and monkeys to name a few, and JoeCo’s Cello has proved an excellent audio solution.
Based in the UK, Cellotto works for Criterion Games on high-profile projects including Battlefield V and Star Wars Battlefront II. He is also a freelance field recordist, currently working on the second chapter of his Animal Hyperrealism sounds collection and this is where JoeCo’s Cello has demonstrated its “exciting capabilities”. The library encompasses the vocalisations of a plethora of wildlife, varying from the sweet and fluffy to apex predators: fruit bats, lemurs, leopards and birds such as parakeets and owls, which Cellotto says are particularly interesting due to their unique ultrasonic potential...
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