sound quality of taped conferences

Mohini Hersom

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Jun 4, 2018
Sorry I am not in music production but hope someone finds me relevant or has advice for me

Firstly I would like to know how to improve the quality of such a tape, using audacity, The male voices are not audible. I have not found a sensible way to remove noise using audacity.

Also some mp3 files I store online such as in gmail drives -they "die" - meaning they play silent after some crackle in the first few seconds. The checksum of the mp3 file is unaltered and I would like some expert to tell me about this phenomenon. The interest in the checksum is you know if a pdf or jpeg get corrupted or a virus adds itself to them. they wont open likewise I assume a sound file on which a virus sat wont open but should have an increased checksum

Is this an "innocent" technical glitch? Something that is muted accidentally, and can be unmuted? can the dead tapes be brought back to life? I have double checked my PC speaker is full volume and able to play other files. System sounds is also activated.

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Ben Lawrence

Mar 2, 2011

Tutorial on how to remove background noise.
If you have completely inaudible voices there is only so much you can do. Hopefully that tutorial helps. Not sure how to assist you with the other issues. Gmail can be weird if you do not use Chrome as your browser.