Soundcraft SI Impact owners, a little help please...

I just bought a b-stock Soundcraft SI Impact. It was a good deal, and it seems like a nice little console for small personal gigs. I haven't really had my hands on any of the Soundcraft digital consoles. My regular gigs are mostly Midas or Yamaha. So I'm hoping any Impact owners could let me know if the things I'm seeing are normal behavior for the console, or potential problems. It will be a while before I can take it on a gig, so I need to give it a pretty good work out & inspection at home. Never having touched one before, I just don't have any basis for comparison.

Does your Impact run warm? Mine seems to run fairly warm, across the entire rear of the console. Not burning hot, but warmer than I would expect.

Main screen "Adjust" encoder- is yours responsive/accurate. When I change parameters with this encoder, it seems to lag a bit in response, and makes pretty big jumps in value.

Channel LCD- how visible are your channel meters? Are they easily adjusted through the preferences menu? I'm having trouble making the channel meters in particular stand out. Brightness seems to adjust okay through the menu, but contrast seems to jump from minimal to completely blown out with very little finesse in between.

Gain structure: is -18dBFS nominal on this console? Setting the oscillator to 0dB and assigning to a buss seems to result in a slightly lower than -18 level.