Soundcraft UI 16 catastrophic failure

Lisa Lane-Collins

Dec 9, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Desk is less than two years old

Had previously presented with a fault where it would disconnect and when it reconnected it would reset all of the settings on all of the channels. Updating the ipad seemed to fix this

It has also previously presented this fault where it loses connectivity and then tells you the hotspot password is wrong (it's not). Sometimes it can reconnect by itself when this happens but usually it requires power cycling.

On the night it was deemed unusable, faults manifest as follows;

continuous drop outs
the error messages in the images attached
massively changing settings when reconnecting (like the resetting to default from before but more erratic)
The mixer was concurrently connected to a laptop via ethernet and that was dropping out too.

I had also noticed the GUI was having problems in the weeks leading up to this. Changing from the foh mix to other pages and coming back would cause half the graphics on the foh mix page to vanish.

Gonna factory reset the desk, update to latest firmware, make sure the ipad is updated. Hoping that fixes it. Still, wondering if anyone else has come across this and can more accurately pin point the faults?


Ben Lawrence

Mar 2, 2011
Dont really have any insight on your issue but feel for you. Hope you had a backup on site. I ran into an issue with the little behringer x16 I think is. Ended up me not knowing the fix on site. Had to break out the ol analog tried and true.
Jan 19, 2011
Oslo, Norway, Norway
Soundcraft and apps are fun.

Remember the time when SC had a Si Performer app that would freeze the surface if the app crashed on your iPad?

I found that out the hard way with a band walking on stage at a festival, intro running but the VCAs muted....
Are you using the Ui's built in WIFI or an external WIFI router? The built in WIFI is very weak for lack of a better term. I use one with an external router using only a 5g connection and have the internal WIFI turned off with no issues.

For what's it's worth the Ui interface is better than most of the other Soundcraft mixers control Apps.

Lisa Lane-Collins

Dec 9, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Built in wifi (weaker now since someone snapped the plastic off of the aerial). I expect it to be a bit bad but the hardwired laptop should hold the fort in theory.

Factory reset and firmware updated that sucker. It still throws the GUI errors. That’s not fixed but I locked the screen so it also shouldn’t be triggerable anymore. (That seems to be a that iPad specific fault). Had it running unimportant sound sources in the venue thurs night. Had the broken aerial disconnected to increase the chances of drop out and saw a few but it always reconnected no probs. (Beta firmware has some good changes to the GUI including a visual indication that its lost contact!) Shall just have to use and see (and switch to router)

Thanks for the replies :)