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Soils Puoane

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Feb 26, 2023
New York
I have a 15" speaker (behringer b115) that sounds blown. I unscrewed the speaker from the cabinet (removed all screws to eliminate the possibility of loose rattling screws) and realized it plays clean when I press on one particular side of the speaker. I can buy a replacement off brand cone for less than $100 but if it is an easy repair id rather fix it. I was even thinking of placing a sponge on the speaker between the cone and the grill to keep pressure on the cone eliminating the distortion, but I fear that may be bad for the speaker. here is a video showing how the speaker sounds and what happens when I press on the side of it
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Riley Casey

Jan 12, 2011
WDC in the USA
The voice coil is likely damaged in an asymmetrical way and you've simply found the spot that pressing on offsets that damage. It is possible that the spider has come loose from the frame or where it's glued to the cone. Remove the speaker and inspect the spider all the way around pressing on it in the same way as you did the cone and look for movement. A loose spider you can repair, a bad voice coil means recone time or speaker replacement.
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