Streaming issue

Doug Johnson

Jul 29, 2013
I am working with a church that is currently streaming direct to Facebook live using a PZT-Optics camera into a Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle, usb-3.0 into a desktop computer running Windows 10 and out to Facebook. It works fine. They also have a Vaddio Camera system which consists of two analog cameras and a Productionview HD- MV switcher. The PZT-Optics camera is also interfaced into the switcher using a HDMI to VGA converter. They have been using this system with monitors mounted in the sanctuary. It also works fine. The issue they are having is the wish to stream using all three cameras and the Productionview switcher. When we hook the output of the switcher into the Intensity Shuttle using the DVI-D output on switcher into the HDMI input on the Shuttle, the image shows up in Blackmagic Design Software. We can not however get it to stream to Facebook Live, all we get is a black screen. Any ideas? The Intensity Shuttle will probably be replaced with an up to date capture device the supports OSB but, I am not sure that will solve the issue.