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Stef Smits

Apr 4, 2017
Also watch out with setting the HPF to high. Some extra excursion below tuning (though not really used for sound reproduction) could be beneficial for cooling the VC some more.
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Moritz Bachmann

New member
Nov 7, 2019
Unfortunately no technical updates like measurements or so, but I can share some listening impressions.

I´m using the subs together with our Tops, containing an 10MC700ND playing in CB from 100/120-2000Hz and the Mundorf 29CM1.1-R AMT doing the top end.
The setup stands in my 25m² living room and was used for some homeparties during the last months, and they were defenitely going all out sometimes. Each of them has two briged channels on a FP10kQ which also had to work very hard. The Tops are powered by a Hypex Fusion 503 Amp, the 1000W for the midbass are the limiting factor here.
The signal chain consists of two CDJ´s, an A&H mixer, a 44€ Thomann 4x4 DSP (-.-) and for the sub chain a dbx subharmonic systhesizer.

The acustic in the room is really bad, but this little setup produced impressive sound in there.
We still couldn´t measure the system outside, not even the tops, and every crossover and level for the different drivers is mostly a blind shot with just little time used for optimisation. There also is not much EQ done on the system, except low shelfs for the midbass to go flat to 80Hz (without LP fillter), and a "random" LP shelf for the <40Hz region to compensate the lower levels here because of the blocked port.

Due to all these unfavorable circumstances , it´s hard to tell how good this setup could play when everything is perfectly aligned, but every component for itself is already astunnishing, except for the midbass maybe, which has it a little hard to play up to 2k.

The heights from the AMT are a nothing to compare to a normal CD, as you can already imagine from a very top end AMT Speaker you can find for audiophile sound reproduction. Still, we never saw the Fusion503 Amp clipping, with the Limiter set to 30W (and they are rated with 250W Power handling)
Of course there is also the disadvantage for this kind of a driver and it´s called vertical dispersion, which is really narrow.

The mids are compared to this just ok, I hope get a little more punchines out of them with a little bit of EQ here and there.

On the subs, one port was virtually all the time blocked with a pillow, the LP set at 20Hz (it´s not possible to set it lower), but the shs being after the DSP can help here a little for the really low end.
Due to the room effects it´s really hard to speak about the true characteristics of this sub, in the middle of the room is around 5-10db less low end than next to the walls, and outside the room, at the end of the ~18m floor it feels like being in the next room to large club floor.
Despite this, the bass sounded always controled, relatively tight and with no restrictions in the low end. We are palying mostly EDM but also a little heavy bass music, and it s only on the latter one, where they seemed to reach their limits hearable. Moving +-20mm this is not surprising, but even at this point, there was virtually no portnoise and even distortion was not unpleasant. At most it was just noticeable.
The enclosure itself is defenitely not "dead" at these volumes, but for it being out of 15mm bb, it´s really stiff and that compliments the B&C very well.
What´s more to say, about a subwoofer using this kind of a driver and a enclosure, being stiff enough and producing virtualy no vent noise with one of two ports blocked, at war volumes?

As conclusio, I still can´t tell details about the real and natural sound of those subs, but the capabilities of them, loaded with an 15DS115 are just enormous. The limiting factor in our case was defenitely the socket fuse and our ears.
I think they are the perfekt subs for small HT or small gigs, best fitting to a single 10in or 12in Top. With total costs of under 500€ (before VAT) these are f* awesome subs.
I´m really proud of this project and I hope to find time for a measuring weekend soon and to compare them with our two 21Ipal loaded Skrams.


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