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Apr 6, 2018
Modesto, CA (December 2020) — Founded in 1980, The House in Modesto, CA, hosts dynamic services that bring the community together with live music acts, special events and a diverse pastoral team. The church’s recent PA upgrade to an Adamson system is changing the way that congregants in the 1,800-capacity auditorium can experience worship, with clear and rich sound delivering praise-worthy performance. And while the pandemic limited live services temporarily, The House has kept the community close with online worship and outreach and is ready to welcome it’s full church family back home.
Jason Rightnour, Audio Director at The House, chose to install Adamson speakers in the auditorium after auditioning speakers from several other manufacturers. Rightnour was impressed by both the clarity and power of the Adamson product line: “I went to trade shows, conventions and speaker shootouts but I couldn’t find a system that fit our needs until Adamson. Once I heard this PA, I was in shock...

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