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Apr 6, 2018
Skive, Denmark – June 2020… For more than five decades, the Kulturcenter Limfjorden has served as a cultural hub for the people of Denmark’s Skive municipality. First opened in 1967, the facility is the perfect example of an essential, regional multi-purpose venue; located in the historic town of Skive, it invites locals and tourists alike to enjoy a rich mixture of theatre, cinema, live music and more.
As is so often the case with venues who serve a broad variety of needs, when the Kulturcenter recently began the search for a replacement for its ageing sound reinforcement system, the top priority was finding a solution capable of meeting every challenge. The ideal choice was TW AUDiO VERA20.
“The Goal for Kulturcenter Limfjorden was simple – to find the right sound system to do 99% of the shows that come through our concert hall, without the need for renting any external equipment,” explains Anders Holm Hansen of AHX, the man charged with taking care of Kulturcenter...

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