Ui24R and a bluetooth speaker

Shawn Brady

Jul 1, 2017
Virginia Beach
would be it possible to send audio from the Ui24R via bluetooth to a SONY XB40. If you could, I wonder if 1 or 2 of these in the back of a club might add some clarity to a one man band gig where the bar gets loud and people on the outer ring loose any clarity, and the singer sounds muddy.
I'm going to say no unless that bar is the worlds most quiet bar that I have never been in!
Also I would not trust bluetooth as a long distance program audio link.

The bar in question may have a poorly designed and deployed speaker system or maybe they only want full PA coverage in the area by the stage leaving the outlying areas quieter so people can kind of talk among themselves and keep buying drinks.

If this a music club type of bar where people buy tickets to go there just to see a band then the bar needs to put in a quality system with even coverage through out the space.


Ben Lawrence

Mar 2, 2011
I do not think a Sony XB40 is for a live sound reproduction environment. Also it appears they are around 250$ each. At that point you might want to just look at a small powered speaker and run a wired line for a rear fill. Like Mike said though sometimes at bars it really is better if its not loud in certain areas.